June 18

Texas Minor Alcohol Possession Laws

Texas law prohibits minors from buying, possessing, or consuming alcohol, as well as, providing false information for the purpose of alcohol sales or consumption (Texas Statute and Code Sections 106.02(a), 106.04(a), 106.05(a), &106.07(a).) The crime is a Class C misdemeanor and punishable by fine only (maximum $500.00 dollars). Exceptions to this are if the minor.
May 27

Sugar Land DWI Lawyer Explains Criminal Defense for a DWI

Those looking for a Sugar Land DWI lawyer or a criminal lawyer in support of their first offense DWI criminal case should understand the culture of the Fort Bend County courts. It should go without saying that Texas is not a state that is lenient on crime, and the courts are particular in how a.
June 8

Illegal Firearm and Knife Possession in Houston

Texas is a proud 2nd Amendment state, but with that pride comes the responsibility of appropriate and legal gun ownership. It is perhaps because of the reputation Texas has in the gun community that it is so hard on offenses that involve firearms or other weapons. If your gun ownership rights have been restricted by.