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It is unlawful to possess or carry many types of weapons in Texas. Under the unlawful carrying of weapons statute, it is a misdemeanor for someone to carry or possess an unlicensed handgun, an illegal knife or a club. An illegal knife is defined as a single-edged knife with a blade length in excess of 5 ½ inches, a double-edged knife of any length, a sword or a spear. A club is defined as anything made or adapted to strike someone and cause serious injury. Under the prohibited weapons statute, a person cannot possess, among other things, an explosive device, a machine gun, a short-barreled firearm or a switchblade knife. Since 1995, Texas law has allowed an individual to carry a handgun so long as the person obtains a permit, conceals the gun and does not carry it into bars, schools, churches, hospitals, or other sensitive locations.

Weapons Charges Attorney in Texas

Weapons Charges Attorney
Fort Bend County Harris County Unlawful Carry/Weapons Charges Defense Attorney – Jason Lawrence Unlawful Carry Texas /Weapons Charges Defense in Fort Bend County and Harris County, Texas A weapons case, like a drug case, often has a search and seizure issue that can be exploited. Additionally, your Sugar land Attorney must examine whether the state can affirmatively link the client to the weapon, and look for a defense that may justify the client’s possession of the weapon. There are many Criminal defenses provided under Texas law.
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