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Сriminal Defense

Despite your best efforts, a confrontation has occurred and you are physically assaulted. Imagine a scenario where you are driving cautiously on a busy four-lane stretch of road. The driver in the lane next to you is driving far too fast for the road, changing lanes without indicating and using his cell phone at the same time.

Personal injury

You often hear the terms personal injury and bodily injury when a person gets hurt. While some people tend to use personal injury and bodily injury interchangeably, these two terms have entirely different meanings. Here’s what you need to know about the legal definitions and implications of personal and bodily injuries.
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Сriminal Drug Charges

Typically criminal offenses fall into two categories: felonies and
misdemeanors. Occasionally and depending on the circumstances of the case, a crime can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor. This situation is referred to as a “wobbler.”

A Felony in Texas is a crime that is serious enough for you to spend one or more years in jail, depending on the degree of the felony.

A Misdemeanor in Texas is a crime less serious than a felony, punishable by no more than one year in jail. Within each misdemeanor classification vary degrees of severity and consequences. For example, a class C misdemeanor
is punishable by fine only.

Texas Family Law Lawyer

Though the crimes below are some of the more common crimes committed
in Texas, Lawrence Law Firm, PLLC handles any and all crimes under the Texas Penal Code. If you are charged with a crime that is not listed below, rest assured that we can still help you. Please set up a free consultation today.

Personal injury

Only an experienced Sugar Land attorney can help you evaluate the
amount of money you will need to cover lost wages, physical therapy,
surgeries, and other medical treatment. Without legal representation you may be signing away your rights to a fair settlement. We have the
experience and training necessary to obtain the best result possible for you and your loved ones who have been injured or killed in a Greater Houston Area car accident.

Civil law

The civil law system is derived from the Roman Corpus Juris Civilus of Emperor Justinian I; it differs from a common-law system, which relies on prior decisions to determine the outcome of a lawsuit. Most European and South American countries have a civil law system. England and most of the countries it dominated or colonized, including Canada and the United States, have a common-law system. However, within these countries, Louisiana, Quebec, and Puerto Rico exhibit the influence of French and Spanish settlers in their use of civil law systems.

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