Why You Should Never Talk to the Police, Ever
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June 2021

Careful when Talk to the Police Ever!

Anytime that you are detained by police, regardless of the matter, it is ideal to be careful about what you say. Never talk to the police, Ever! Law enforcement is not your friend, they are not always there to protect and serve as their oath says. When you are detained and taken to jail for a police interview or questioning, do not answer any questions, without an attorney being present to prevent self-incrimination or twisting of the facts from occurring.


When you speak to law enforcement officials on your own, you risk making the situation worse for yourself. Law enforcement officers need information to solve cases and always want to solve them as quickly as possible. Respectfully inform them that you have the right to an attorney and will not answer any questions or make any statements without your chosen Sugar Land criminal defense attorney being present.

Can Lead to Negative Actions by Police Officers

Some police officers take their position to astronomical levels by using force. Some see “potential offenders” as being uncooperative and use excessive force. Several cases recently, including the happenings in Ferguson, Missouri, make it apparent that police always believe that they have the upper hand. This is not always the case. In cases where someone is walking down the street, regardless of the situation, police should call for backup instead of opening fire on someone that may have talked back or seemed hostile. The thing is, when shots are fired and “potential offenders” do not survive, there is only one side of the story left to be told.

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