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Car accidents happen every hour of every day in Greater Houston. After a car accident, you will have a wrecked or totaled vehicle and oftentimes will be hurt. You can likely incur significant medical bills and might have to miss work.

You should know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Most motor vehicle accidents are preventable and only happen because drivers make mistakes, don’t pay attention, talk on a cell phone, text message, eat a snack, or play with the radio. Most wrecks usually come down to one driver not paying enough attention. Another major cause of accident injuries and traffic fatalities is drunk driving.

Texas drivers have a duty to exercise care, caution and control when driving. In Texas, negligence in a car accident is determined by whether or not a driver was keeping a “proper lookout.” A driver has to observe all circumstances of driving to prevent an accident. Drivers have a duty to pay attention to the road and to other drivers.
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You will need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in order to prove the offending driver was negligent in your car accident. You also have to show that you did suffer bodily injury. Your damages for a car accident case can include loss of income because you are unable to work, medical costs, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

Car Accidents Cases in Fort Bend Texas

An insurance adjuster may offer you an amount of money that seems like more than enough to cover your medical bills and repair your vehicle. However, only an experienced Sugar Land attorney can help you evaluate the amount of money you will need to cover lost wages, physical therapy, surgeries, and other medical treatment.

Without legal representation you may be signing away your rights to a fair settlement. We have the experience and training necessary to obtain the best result possible for you and your loved ones who have been injured or killed in a Greater Houston Area car accident.
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