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Many clients contact us because they just received a Houston traffic ticket, or their driver's license is or is about to be suspended, or you need a good criminal defense lawyer at a reasonable fee. If you were recently charged with driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, minor in possession, evading arrest in a motor vehicle, racing, reckless driving, possession of marijuana, assault, shoplifting or some other crime, as a juvenile or an adult, call Lawrence Law Firm, PLLC today.

Maybe you are being investigated for a hit and run accident, or need an occupational driver's license. Maybe you received a speeding ticket and just need some guidance to ease your mind. Of course, our goal is to keep your driving and criminal record looking no different than it does right now with the least amount of your time and money, to prevent the loss of driving privileges, and to regain driving privileges if you already have a suspended driver’s license. In some situations, we can even remove entries on your criminal record with an expunction procedure, or seal it from prying eyes with an order of non-disclosure when permitted by law.

We are staffed and trained to investigate and resolve the most complex driver’s license situations, whether it be multiple driver’s license surcharge suspensions, multiple traffic warrants, an uninsured accident placing a hold on your driver’s license, a second suspension because you were driving while your license was suspended, a DWI or drug conviction suspension, or an ALR suspension due to a breath test refusal or failure.

The Criminal Defense Process in Texas

Traffic Crimes Attorney TX
Fort Bend County Harris County Traffic Crimes Attorney – Jason Lawrence Texas Traffic Crimes in Fort Bend County and Harris County, Texas Jason serves clients in Houston, Texas as a premiere traffic ticket or Texas Traffic Crimes defense lawyer, who also lifts traffic warrants, obtains occupational driver's licenses for Texas suspended driver's licenses, prevents suspended driver's licenses at Texas DPS administrative driver's license hearings, and who is also an effective Harris County and Fort Bend County DWI and criminal defense lawyer.
In addition to real time access to the databases maintained by many court and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), we have developed and maintain our own proprietary database containing many judges’, court clerks’ and prosecutors’ unwritten policies and procedures that give us an advantage in how to best resolve your particular situation in the shortest amount of time. Armed with knowledge of unique traffic laws and different courts’ policies and procedures, it is no wonder that many seasoned criminal defense lawyers use Lawrence Law Firm to handle their own personal tickets.

We will handle all processing of your ticket citation (when your particular traffic court allows it). If you do not want to go to court, and are willing to pay some court costs to keep a moving violation off of your driving record, contact Lawrence Law Firm today. On the other hand, if you are willing to come to court and spend your time to try to get a dismissal without any court costs based on the facts of your case, or based on procedural or legal “technicalities,” or if you want to fight your ticket with a trial, we can provide you that service as well.

This includes the City of Houston Municipal Court, one of the largest and most time-consuming municipal court systems in the United States. Call us at (832) 356-4404 today to discuss all of your options. Houston Traffic Ticket Resources: Speeding Ticket Law Red Light and Stop Sign Laws - Texas Transportation Code - Chapter 544 Speeding, Turning and Right of Way Laws - Texas Transportation Code - Chapter 545 Texas Driver Responsibility Program - Texas Transportation Code - Chapter 708 Houston Traffic Ticket News: Houston 2011 Warrant Roundup Traffic Law News List of Red Light Cameras - Houston, Texas Houston Red Light Camera Ordinance Houston Court Computer to "Go Live" Amid Controversy Houston Traffic Court Computer Flops
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