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Sugar Land Theft Lawyer in Texas- Theft is a general label encompassing many specific offenses; it means intentionally depriving someone else of their property without the intent to return it. Charges of theft are very serious, as they are all classified as crimes of moral turpitude. Most job applications ask you whether or not you have ever been charged or convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, meaning an unfavorable judgment on one of these cases could leave you unemployed - or unable to achieve your potential and drastically alter your future. If you’ve been arrested and charged with theft or a related crime in the Fort Bend County or Harris County area, you need to understand what the consequences may be.


Identity theft Fraud Forgery Shoplifting Employee theft Unlawful use of a motor vehicle Embezzlement Theft by check Welfare fraud Insurance fraud Possession of stolen property Stealing cable Theft of trade secrets Tampering with personal ID numbers

Depending on the value of the alleged loss, you or a loved one could be facing anything from a fine to 99 years in prison. It is imperative that you use your right to remain silent, provide no statements to anyone and contact a skilled theft defense attorney immediately.


• Worth less than $50: Class C Misdemeanor • Worth between $50-$500: Class B Misdemeanor • Worth between $500-$1500: Class A Misdemeanor • Worth between $1,500-$20,000: State Jail Felony • Worth between $20,000-$100,000: Third Degree Felony • Worth between $100,000-$200,000: Second Degree Felony • Worth $200,000 or more: First Degree Felony

The biggest factor in your case will be how the value of the stolen property is determined, and The Fort Bend Criminal Defense Attorney Law Firm has the resources and theft defense skills to argue it down. (Please note that the District Attorney prosecutes cases much harder if the defendant is a public servant or government employee.)