Attorney Profile Here are only a few testimonials provided by previous Lawrence Law Firm, PLLC clients:

Got the job done quickly
Posted by Shaun, a Criminal Defense Client
I hired Jason for an Order of Nondisclosure for a case that was 17 years old. I called several attorneys for my case but Jason seemed to be the only one that was interested in helping me complete my request. Jason was very informative and responded to all of my emails. My request was completed and approve within a month of hiring Jason. I really appreciate Jason acting very quickly to resolve my issue.

Best Family/Divorce Attorney in Fort Bend County
Posted by Morgan, a Family Law Client
I just recently went through a very traumatic and life changing divorce from my now ex-husband of 1.5 years. I was scared and unsure of everything, and wasn’t quite sure where to even begin. I didn’t know who to contact, what I needed in order to file, what the procedures were, and certainly what the law behind it was. That’s when a mutual friend of Mr. Jason Lawrence and mine reminded me that Jason was an attorney now and I should contact him. So, I did. Not only did I speak directly to Jason Lawrence, but he was eager to meet with me and help me get everything taken care as soon as possible. I met with him within a week and before the meeting was over, we had a complete game plan as to how this would be handled. He was incredibly organized, professional, and had a great repertoire with the judges in Fort Bend County. He was present and on time for every single court date and had everything the judge needed ready for review. He made a process that I expected to be absolutely atrocious, into something that was painless and simple. In the end, the case went in my favor and I cannot thank Mr. Jason Lawrence enough for all of the hard work and support that he gave me. He put my family and I at ease. If you are looking for a “bulldog” and someone who knows the law and will continuously have your back, Jason Lawrence is definitely the best attorney to contact in the Fort Bend/Houston area.

Posted by Stephanie, a Family Law Client
We hired Jason for my husband to adopt my children. He was able to take our payments through our credit card and allowed us to make payments. Also we loved that he charged a flat rate rather than hourly. It took only 8 months to finalize the adoption and it went very smoothly. I highly recommend using Jason.

Taken care of. Off my record. Excellent Across the Board.!
Posted by anonymous, a Criminal Defense client
I always appreciate great customer service. Jason’s advising, consulting and education around my case was well received. His patient yet proactive expertise with the judicial process, ultimately prevailed in the dismissal of my case.

Posted by anonymous, a Criminal Defense client
Let me first say that this was a long battle but Jason Lawrence stood the test of time. I’m a black male with prior convictions and was in a fight with a white male who subsequently lost the fight and was injured. The guy who lost the fight actually called the police and I was charged! I was facing 2 to 20 years and Jason stood in the battle with me until the case was dropped to a misdemeanor, and eventually dismissed!! I really appreciate Mr Lawrence for standing in the gap for me.

Very helpful in my time of need
Posted by Nancy, a Family Law client
I was at my wits end trying to modify my divorce decree involving the custody of my daughter. I found Jason Lawrence after months of searching for an attorney willing to help me, and willing to work with me on my retainer. He was very quick to respond to my request and within a few hours i had retained his services. My case went very smooth and Jason was always available for any concerns I had and was very calming and matter of fact with anything I needed advice on. I ended up getting exactly what I was wanting, which was sole custody of my daughter, and enforcement of my child support. It was an amazing feeling to have Jason in my corner fighting for what my daughter and I deserved. He definitely was my silver lining in a difficult situation. Thank you Jason!

Awesome service!!!
Posted by Lucas, a Criminal Defense client
Jason is extremely professional and handled the case with my best interest as the main priority. Very knowledgeable and courteous and he helped me out quite a bit and saved me money and time in the long run. Very happy with Jason’s service!!

Finally a painless experience!
Posted by Cheryl, a Family Law client
Jason was professional, personable, knowledgeable and prepared for my court proceeding. It was refreshing to have an attorney that cares, provides answers within a reasonable amount of time and gets results. I was 100% satisfied with the services I received and would highly recommend Jason in any family court matter.

Needed a divorce, Jason was there for me
Posted by Patricia, a Family Law client
At first I was a little hesitant of going with Jason to handle my divorce because of how young he looked. I am really happy I didn’t let that keep me from hiring him, as he did an absolutely phenomenal job handling what turned into a very messy divorce. After a temporary orders hearing and final hearing, I have primary custody of my two boys and was awarded the maximum amount of child support, as well as alimony for 5 years. I get to stay in my house and keep my car as well. Jason made sure that my husband’s adultery was made known to the judge, and he did a great job of showing that my husband was merely trying to get primary custody of my boys to hurt me. I am so so happy that Jason was there for me, he let me work out a very feasible payment plan and gave me his personal cell phone so I was always at ease if I needed to text him a question. I absolutely recommend him for handling your family law matter, especially divorce, as he is extremely knowledgeable in the courtroom and you can tell he was very well trained. Thank you thank you thank Jason!

Consummate Professional
Posted by John, a Criminal Defense client

Jason Lawrence is the consummate professional. From start to finish, he delivered on everything that was promised, and did so in a timely and trustworthy manner. He communicated with me effectively throughout the process and saw my case to a positive conclusion. I would certainly use him again and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a lawyer in the Houston area.

Saved My Family
Posted by a Criminal Defense client

Our family hired Mr. Lawrence following the arrest of one of my family members who faced a felony charge of child abuse with great bodily harm. This person in our family was disciplining his child in a manner that caused minimal injury to the child. However, the child’s mother, who is now divorced to our family member, saw this as a reason to file a police report. Once our family member was arrested and charged, Mr. Lawrence displayed excellent negotiation skills with the state and was able to get the charges lowered to child abuse (misdemeanor). Our family member faced zero jail time, and we saved a lot of money by not going to trial. For this, I recommend Mr. Lawrence.

Detail Oriented & Hard Working Lawyer
Posted by Abel, a Family Law client

Jason is one of if not the most hard working and detail oriented person that I have worked with. He makes sure that I’m aware and informed of the entire process, paying attention to detail and really getting to the root of the issue. He has the ability to work with a comforting manner that is really helpful when you’re in a stressful situation! I had a problem come up and Jason was able to get the issue dismissed while keeping me relaxed and comfortable. I will and do go to him for any legal issues that I need help with!

Great lawyer, he looks young but he’s really smart
Posted by Daquan, a Criminal Defense client

Attorney Lawrence was worth every penny. He knows his stuff and got me off on an assault charge. I hope I never need another lawyer but if I do, I will be calling him.

Phenomenal family attorney, got me everything I wanted
Posted by Rachel, a Family Law client

I hired Jason recently in what turned out to be a very nasty custody battle. After only receiving joint custody after temporary orders, Jason did his due diligence and absolutely demolished my ex husband at final hearing. I got primary custody of my two boys, maximum child support, and attorneys fees for unpaid child support!!!

I have worked as a court reporter in many counties over the years and even for how young he is you can tell that Jason knows how to command a courtroom. Prior to final hearing Jason won an enforcement hearing against my ex husband for unpaid child support and was awarded attorneys fees, saving me thousands of dollars. I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of my case and really would recommend using Jason if you plan on facing off for custody against your ex. He fights for you and makes you feel at ease for the entire process, which was stressful enough on its own. Thanks again Jason!!

Got my case completely dismissed
Posted by Marius, a Criminal Defense client

I was charged with simple assault in Brazoria County over a bogus charge my ex girlfriend put on me. I only had to go to court twice and Jason got the charges completely dropped after talking to the prosecutor. Would recommend him to everyone!

Jason got my case completely dismissed before charges were filed. Highly recommended!!!!!
Posted by James, a Criminal Defense Client

Jason handled my divorce and did a fantastic job. Because of him I kept the house, my kids, and got full child support and a little bit of spousal support. Thank you thank you thank you Jason!
Posted by Tammy, a Family Law client

I was involved in a messy custody battle and Jason made my ex husband look like a fool. I got sole custody of my two boys and maximum child support! Hopefully never have to go through that again but Jason was awesome!
Posted by Jackie, a Family Law client

Had a bogus marijuana charge against me, Jason took it to trial and the DA dismissed the case mid trial because the cop was a moron. Worth every penny.
Posted by Tyler, a Criminal Defense client

Jason has handled my two DWI’s and did a great job with both. Because of Jason I have two reckless driving convictions instead of two DWI convictions.
Posted by Donna, a Criminal Defense client

Posted by Korem, a Family Law client

Jason gives you his personal cell phone number and even lets you text him!! This guy knows how to keep up with the times, I felt at ease the entire time throughout my case, can’t thank Jason enough!
Posted by Tim, a Criminal Defense client

I took a chance on Lawrence Law Firm because at first I thought Jason was in high school but he is extremely intelligent and incredibly gifted in the courtroom! So happy I got him to handle my custody case, he put me on a very reasonable payment plan and got me everything I wanted!!
Posted by Donnise, a Family Law client

Jason. Is. Awesome. If you get arrested you need to hire him. Simple as that.
Posted by Jack, a Criminal Defense client

Thanks so much for handling my assault Jason!!! Got the case reduced to a class c deferred, nothing on my record! HIRE JASON!
Posted by Mallory, a Criminal Defense client

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