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Juvenile Defense Attorney in Texas

Young people face an enormous range of juvenile criminal charges, including: theft, shoplifting, traffic violations, criminal mischief, possession of marijuana or other controlled substances, probation violations, robbery, arson, weapons charges, gang violence, rape and other juvenile sex crimes, and even murder.


Whether you are a juvenile charged with a crime because you shot someone, or a family member distressed over a child in possession of drugs, you need to understand juvenile defense procedures in order to defend the allegations before juvenile court. Jason Lawrence understands the law and fights for juvenile justice.


Recently, juvenile prosecution is experiencing tremendous growth, and the State of Texas is now more willing to try juveniles as adults. The ultimate hope of the juvenile courts and justice system is that young people can be rehabilitated. Prosecuting juveniles as adults takes away that chance for rehabilitation by forcing them into situations with more serious consequences.

Jason never forgets that a child is just that: a child. A criminal record - even a juvenile one - often harms a child far more than it benefits the state.