June 18

Why You Should Never Talk to the Police, Ever

Anytime that you are detained by police, regardless of the matter, it is ideal to be careful about what you say. Never talk to the police, Ever! Law enforcement is not your friend, they are not always there to protect and serve as their oath says. When you are detained and taken to jail for.
June 18

Why Domestic Violence Will Become the New ‘DWI’ in 2015

The subject of domestic violence appears too often in news headlines. It occurs every minute of every day in the United States. Now, there are several types of domestic abuse stemming from verbal to physical. Many states, including Texas, are putting measures in place to stiffen penalties for offenders. A lot of attention has been.
June 8

Illegal Firearm and Knife Possession in Houston

Texas is a proud 2nd Amendment state, but with that pride comes the responsibility of appropriate and legal gun ownership. It is perhaps because of the reputation Texas has in the gun community that it is so hard on offenses that involve firearms or other weapons. If your gun ownership rights have been restricted by.